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***Free backcountry tour with Tracked Out Adventures. Every turbo purchase! Let's get you familiar with your turbo, what other way then to spend it with us! 

There are two options for 2020 , our standard tried and true external wastegate kit as well as an intercooled kit. Most riders running 3-7psi will find the simplicity and cleanliness of the standard kit to suit them. Those looking for the coolest charge temps, highest boost and best WFO performance, the water to air setup is going to be your ticket!

US Pricing (in US Dollars)

  • Standard External Wastegate Kit:  $3,850
  • External wastegate with water to air intercooler $4,650
  • Deposit is non-refundable

Buyer Information

  • Every kit comes with a Silber specific turbo map. To obtain this map you must either purchase a reflash cable and reflash it from the comfort of your own home, go to a reflash center (look on our dealer page) or send us your ECU. 
  • If sending in your ECU, please print off this form and include it in the box with your ECU when you send it back to HQ for your reflash! Not sure where to send the ECU? Address is here. 
  • Looking for your user manual or install manual? Check our install manual page.