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The Silber Turbos X3 muffler was designed for the highest level of performance, sound, and appearance. The unit is constructed out of 304 Stainless Steel, muffler is baffled without packing so it won't burn and need packing after a few hundred miles. Muffler replaces the OEM muffler, works with or without the OEM spark arrestor. 

The muffler greatly reduces exhaust back pressure, allowing the engine to create more hp. This muffler will compliment an ECU performance flash perfectly, or pair it with our Stainless Downpipe and ECU flash for ultimate gains.

Muffler includes integrated stainless steel heat shield.

+ 24 HP on 91-93 Octane Fuel (Muffler, Downpipe, Reflash)

+ 4 HP (Muffler Only)

+ 6 HP ( Muffler and Downpipe)