What to expect on a Single Track Guided ride with Tracked Out Adventures

What to expect on a Single Track Guided ride with Tracked Out Adventures

You're thinking about booking a single track guided ride with Tracked Out Adventures, and you want to know what to expect?

TOA has a fleet of 2018 250 XC-W's you can rent, or if you own a bike you can bring that too. We highly recommend a bike that is setup for single track or enduro riding. Our bikes are equipped with hand guards, skid plates and pipe guards. We want you to enjoy riding without having to worry about damaging the bike. 

Are you planning on flying in and don't have gear? That's ok. We have all the gear you may possibly need. From Helmet, goggles, gloves, jersey, pants, boots, chest protector and hydration packs. Everything is cleaned before it's used again. We also use a great deal of Klim and Alpinestar gear. 

We are in the season in Utah where it may be hot and dry, or cold and wet. Hopefully the weather man gives us a good heads up, but things change on the fly in the mountains. We will try and be prepared as much as we can. 

You have two options when it comes to meeting up with us. If you're staying in the SLC Valley or Park City we can pick you up. You can also choose to meet up with us at the trailhead. 

Many people ask what else to bring? Water is the most important thing to bring. You want to make sure you show up already hydrated as it will make your day a lot more pleasant. If you are on a half day or evening ride with us we encourage you to bring snacks. On a full day ride please bring snacks and something to eat for lunch. 

Once we pick you up or meet up with you at the trailhead we have a few forms for you to fill out, after that we will discuss the days plan, routes, safety and anything else pertaining to the ride. 

Depending on the level of rider you are, which we will discuss before hand, will determine the type of terrain and where we ride. You can expect to ride some rocky spots and some really nice flowy sections as well. Our premiere trail we guide on features desert like terrain, riding in cedar trees as well as riding in the deep forest, it really has it all. There will be times you will be on the side of some pretty steep terrain, if you are afraid of heights you'll want to let us know in advance so we can pick some more manageable terrain. There are trails in our permitted area to ride for every level of rider. 

The views will be amazing, and the fall colors are starting to come out. Now is one of the best times to come ride with Tracked Out Adventures. Make sure and bring a GoPro if you want. 

If you have concerns about safety, we are Wilderness First Responders and know CPR. Safety is something we take seriously. We want to make sure you have a good time and remain safe. If an issue shall come up, we have evacuation plans in place.